Inês Marques

Inês Andrade Marques (PhD Public Art) is a visual artist, Assistant Professor, and integrated member of the research center in design & art – Center for Other Worlds (ULHT). She has developed several public art projects with students since 2013, as well as interdisciplinary projects that blur the boundaries between artistic disciplines. As a researcher, she has focused on contemporary public art, and pedagogy in visual arts. She is a founding member and integrates the Coordination Council of Rede 3iAP (2019-2021) – Information, Research, and Intervention in Public Art Network, CITAR – Universidade Católica Portuguesa. She is a member of the Scientific Committee of the International Congress CSO – Criadores Sobre Outras Obras, School of Fine Arts – University of Lisbon, and is an external academic peer of the art journals Gama, Croma and Estudio, School of Fine Arts – University of Lisbon. Ciência Vitae