We’re happy to introduce the renewed course of ‘Design/ Non Design’ at @dellilusofona, and welcome @paimnina of @futuress_org and @tiagopatatas as tutors for a semester under the curation of COW.

What starts when the design act ends? What acts allow to maintain, sustain, conserve, shape and perhaps change, deteriorate or adjust design to daily-life? And who is behind these continuous actions of great influence, but frequently invisible?
Through situated research and methods familiar to design, this course maps and makes visible the different fluxes and practices of care and maintenance distributed through the Botanical Gardens of Lisbon at @muhnac.
In the same way that the focus of this course is to explore interventions that operate outside of design’s lexicon, it is then appropriate that the class itself takes place entirely outside a classroom. Therefore, both the Botanical Gardens of Lisbon and Porto are then spaces and institutions that are fundamental to this pedagogical experience, for their richness, complexity and diversity.